Odd Attempts To Close Abortion Clinics

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Many people are judged for going inside the premises of an abortion clinic. It is because of the notion that abortion violates different beliefs and legal systems. Whether this applies true or not to the majority, the said medical procedure and the medical professionals facilitating the method have consistently experienced numerous attacks from those who are against it. This friction is mostly ruled over by strict and traditional religious beliefs which can be summed up as morality. On the other hand, there are established groups that fight against abortion not because of the procedure’s ability to violate personal values, but because of its capacity to violate the written law.

A particular group called Life Dynamics which is based in Texas upholds a different kind of reasoning and strategy about its opposition to abortion. For more or less than two decades, the group has been practicing a strategic dissemination of information about their cause to lawyers. Yes, they specifically target licensed lawyers from any field in the hopes of convincing them to take their sides against medical professionals working in abortion clinics.

Basically, what they do is that they send DVDs, to lawyers included in their list, containing video footage on how abortionists hinder justice for women who rather choose having abortion after having been assaulted sexually than go to court for legal representation. What’s interesting is that the actual motives of Life Dynamics come so subtly. In fact, the said DVDs are received in a way that somehow deceives the receiver, making the lawyers believe that the content could help them professionally in their practice. To say the least, past recipients have labeled the DVD-strategy a kind of false advertising.

Headed by Mark Crutcher, Life Dynamics is no way near to giving up the campaigns it has started against alleged malpractice of medical professionals in abortion clinics. Despite the lack of positive results of their campaigns, it continues to stand up for what the group believes in. In the long run, it still has faith that it can close presently operating abortion clinics.

The anti-abortion group started the whole agenda funding their very own strategies. However, at present, the group is strengthened more than ever by the support of Farris Wilks, a billionaire tycoon.


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